A lot of water has passed under the bridge since the day Nicolas, a young graduate in computer graphic design, founded his very first company in 2009, at the age of 22, without any capital or support.

We wish we could say the beginnings were difficult, but that would be a lie. The company progressed swiftly, as though a lucky star were watching over it.

If you joined us later on our journey, you can find a short history on our “About” page, and in the video interview with Nicolas.

Next step

We’re writing to you today to announce a pivotal moment for Kim Communication Limited, proudly registered with the Hong Kong financial centre.

For the first time in 8 years, we’re happy to say that we’ve reached our maximum workload.

We’ve achieved the goal of every company when it first starts out: filling its order book.

All our work and effort has paid off, with exponential, then explosive growth!

Of course, we’d like to thank all of our clients!

You’ve given us the opportunity to go above and beyond by inviting us to work on a range of interesting projects. But you’ve also been wonderful collaborators to work with.

As you know, we choose our clients, and we seek to go beyond simple execution, acting blindly without reflection, and be considered partners that provide sound advice. Our collaboration has persisted to this day because we’ve worked together in mutual respect and goodwill, and we’d like to thank you profusely for this and for your trust.

What does the future hold for Kim Communication?

The logical next step 🙂

Over the years, our whole team has broadened its skill set. Technological developments require ever more diligence. The web doesn’t wait for anyone! Responsiveness and speedy delivery occupy an increasingly crucial role.

The partner who will support you in your digital operations going forward must dedicate time to staying on top of the technological and legislative advances that are constantly occurring.

It’s time for Kim Communication to step up its service quality game at a more sustainable rhythm.

We’ve given these self-imposed requirements a specific code name.

Kim Communication GO Premium

GO Premium

This somewhat commercial name encompasses a desire to implement a real transformation in the medium term.

  • more technology monitoring and marketing
  • the latest marketing techniques (advertisements, e-mailing, etc.)
  • more support and consulting, fewer vague interventions
  • more responsiveness during working hours (a calendar of non-working days is now released, please check that right now to be aware of our futur holidays)
  • better specialization in narrower fields, through stricter selection
  • more diligence, meticulousness, and the latest services
  • a larger staff, with a real desire to expand our ranks (partnerships, outsourcing and hires)

Such changes are, of course, accompanied by some changes to our conditions and rates, but rest assured, we’re still much more affordable than an agency headquartered in downtown Liege, and high quality to boot! 😉

Don’t hesitate to contact us now, before our new conditions and hourly rates are released, for hourly intervention packages, etc.

If you are already a client, or you’ve already received a quote from us before April 15, 2018 (the date the initiative was launched internally), you will have a 4-month grace period during which we will continue to work for you under our former conditions. Conversely, if our collaboration began after this date, we are already working for you under our new conditions.

Do note there will be no rate changes to any of our recurring fees: web hosting, annual mobile application maintenance, etc. Our new conditions apply only to the future projects you entrust to us.

And we’re off!

Winston Churchill once said, “Act as if it were impossible to fail”.

We believe that with any project we hold dear, whether online or elsewhere, once we’ve set a goal for ourselves, we should believe in ourselves 100% and dive in!

This is the message we want to convey to our clients at present.

In other words, we will be progressively reducing our “middle market” projects and smaller, uncertain services, and offering only “upscale” services with true global support. We hope to offer services that meet with the highest expectations and see as many clear successes as possible.

We are overjoyed to have you participate in our latest adventure, and hope to serve you for many years to come, with a consistent focus on our values of “dedication, responsiveness and diligence” (but even better than before 🙂 ) !

Mélanie Dorval
Managing director
Kim Communication Limited

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