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A versatile agency

Why looking for an email marketing consultant, web developer and graphic designer when you can have all 3 in 1 ? Discover below the main services we provide to our customers.

The main services of our agency

Find below the list of the services that we are proposing with our web and mobile development agency.

Showcase website

We can build any type of website for you, from a light and simple site to an actual web portal. Kim Communication will work with you on your project, whatever its size.If you require a showcase, you will benefit from unbeatable rates and delivery, for a sleek professional website that will develop as you wish, thanks to the number 1 CMS, WordPress.

eCommerce website

Do you wish to sell or simply distribute your catalogue on line?

No problem.

We can create your online shop using solutions such as WooCommerce.

Website hosting

The reliability, performance and security of our host servers are our priorities. To maintain your website up and running, we choose the best technologies on the market and the best partners for web hosting. Our objectives: fast sites, minimal downtime throughout the year and the best security for your data. Our servers’ availability is monitored 24/24, 7/7 and all our clients’ data is saved each day to minimise possible losses. We also can work on your remote server.

Specific development

In order to keep down costs, speed up delivery and make maintenance of our clients’ projects easier, we always attempt to offer pre-existing solutions when possible. However, our company is also able to respond to more complex requirements that need the flexibility of customised development, without CMS.

Overhauling an existing site

We have extensive experience in the modernisation of existing and old sites that might be using obsolete technology or that simply require their graphics refreshing. As we see it, working with the base of the existing site is faster, and therefore cheaper for you! We offer very favourable terms for an overhaul.

SEO and Advertising

Search engine optimization, advertising on the search engines (Google Adwords), video remarketing, optimised presence on the social networks (community management) and statistical analysis of the traffic of your site. We can optimise and increase your visibility on the Internet by highlighting your strong points and detecting the weak points of your online activity.

Updating and Editing

No time to enrich and enhance your site?

Depending on your needs and your activity sector, we can take charge of this for you.

Mobile and tablet app

We are also developing light mobile apps, compatible with Android and Apple. Our offer will enable you to reach a new audience when you appear on Google Play Store and App Store.

Email marketing

Creating an email address base and regularly distributing a newsletter is a powerful strategy for generating even more traffic to your site. Several of our clients have already opted for our professional email marketing solutions with high deliverability.

Computer Graphics Design

Whether you want to create a logo or a complete new graphical charter, we are working with talented graphic designers. To satisfy you, we can make you many graphic proposals. Then, you make your choice.
For more details, read our list of technical skills.
What more can we say? What better way to get to know each other than by discussing over e-mail or Skype? Contact us if your project requires any of the services listed above.

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