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Ready to leap for your digital marketing

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Our solutions are suited to any company: small or large, young or long-established.

Do you hate waiting as much as we do?

Providing answers in under 24 hours is our first commitment to your growth!

In 2018, the age of internet everywhere, of smartphones and tablets, we believe it is unacceptable to wait several days for a partner’s response.


In everything we do, we constantly ask ourselves these questions:

 what more can we do?
 how can we improve this?

We put our whole heart (and even our bowels) into our daily work.

Our priority? Your satisfaction!
“ C’est vraiment L’agence à contacter pour les projets web. Mélanie et Nicolas sont à l’écoute des projets, sont avenants, de très bons conseils et surtout, ils sont disponibles, même pour de courts délais. Rien à redire, à part “merci pour votre professionnalisme”. ”
Aurélie C.

Consultante en communication

A meticulous and
versatile team!

Perhaps today you’re contacting us to create a website?

But tomorrow you may contact us for your Google listings (SEO), to design a logo, or to create a mobile app?

No worries!

We are constantly expanding our service offering.
We do almost everything, and we do it well!

Every project is unique

All of our services are personalized with an approach tailored to your specific needs and budget.


Simple professional showcase or a full-fledged web portal?
We want to hear about it.

Online boutiqe

Become the sole owner of a high-performing e-store.

Google listings (SEO)

Our secrets: optimisation of the site (at every level), targeted campaigns, and statistic monitoring.

Mobile application

A presence on the App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android).
Even more visibility!

Web hosting

Without web hosting, your site can’t be seen. Don’t ever cut corners on quality.
Also, check EasyHoster.


Emergency troubleshooting or timely updates, we act on your server.

Mobile site

Thanks to responsive design, the sites we create are adaptable to any screen size.

Professional logo

Your logo is the first thing your clientele sees. It should be a perfect reflection of your image.

The best value

for your money

Are we the cheapest on the market?


Are we very expensive?

  Also no, not at all

Our rates sit right in the middle
but the quality of our service is

the very highest!

We’re not ones to

joke around!

In every action, we ask ourselves:

“will this work bring our client more business?”

You’re coming to us to increase your sales, right?

Our permanent goal?

Help you win clients and improve your profitability.

Our approach is


Premium semi offshore agency

A Belgian team

relocated to Asia


Yep, we relocated to Asia in 2014, for real. That’s why our clients enjoy an
price-to-quality ratio.

Other benefits you’ll enjoy as our client:
 no need to put on pants during our conferences, since they’re done long-distance, via Skype
 we can also advise you on the best stir-fried noodles recipe ☺ 

Interview with Nicolas Laruelle,
the agency’s founder

Très prochainement
Now you know everything!
Kim Communication

Mobile & Web agency

We are the answer to your digital communication needs.

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