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These are the primary values of our company. Every day we learn a little bit more from our clients. Rest assured, Kim Communication is a cut above the rest. Let us introduce ourselves and see what happens.
Let’s get to know each other

Our company is of Belgian origin, founded in Liege in 2009 under the name 2DWeb.

As the name indicated, we provided services in two categories – 2D computer graphics and web design.

We adopted the name Kim Communication in 2012 during our move to Louvain-la-Neuve, with the ambition of providing the complete services of a digital communications agency.

In 2014, we took a risk and left Belgium for Asia where we duly incorporated our company in Hong Kong.


It’s precisely because we’re living our dreams that we understand our clients’ ambitions and desires.

Our expatriation allows us to provide unbeatable rates for this level of expertise.

Despite the geographical distance, we work hard every day to prove that our agency is still ‘next door’.

Thanks to the quality of our services, we retained all of our clients through the transition.

From the get-go, we’ve acquired clients almost exclusively through word-of-mouth.


Our relocation was a success

Agence Experts

In 2015, in response to our clients’ needs, we took on the challenge of developing our first mobile app.

Our team members have always had a passion for digitization.

A deep passion materialized through specialized training at college and university.

consultants webmasters
Consultants  Web

They are at the controls

A 2011 graduate from Haute-Ecole Albert Jacquard in public relations, and from the Université Catholique de Louvain in information and communication in 2014.


Managing director

A 2006 graduate and qualified computer technician from the Institut Don Bosco Huy, and from Haute École de la Province de Liège in computer graphics in 2009.


Technical director

Our work ethic is informed by a strong desire to do well and see our clients succeed.


In return, we expect our clients to move forward with us with full trust, remaining as closely involved with their project as we do.

We’ve always considered mutual respect and goodwill to be paramount to a good client relationship.

That being said,we believe…

a satisfied client is one of the best business strategies.

Let’s get to know each other even better

We would be thrilled to get in touch with you by Skype or e-mail to tell you even more about ourselves and answer all your questions.

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