Availability calendar :

holidays, rest days and technological watching periods

Check the next months on the calendar below to be aware of our holidays and rest periods *

* Red : interventions only for emergencies. For example: repatriate a backup following a crashed site or intervention in case of failure of the hosting server. At Kim Communication too, we are humans who sometimes need some rest.

Orange : availability reduced to 50%. For example: if we act for you as part of a “long term” mission on estimate, each of these days cost half a business day only (see our quote). The response time also extends from 24h to 48h during these periods. Weekends and Belgian holidays are of course closing days also for the jobs on estimate.


Dear customer, please note that the orange periods are not really holidays for Kim Communication. In our sector, the digital, to remain at the forefront of innovation, we are obliged to monitor the technology and it needs time. These periods allow us to keep us “up to date” by continuing to train us, and not to be left behind. You are the one who benefit directly of our monitoring time through our services! Thanks for your understanding.

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