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Without a hosting server, your site wouldn’t exist.
That’s why at Kim Communication, we make reliable hosting one of our priorities!

99,9 % uptime

High availability


Inflated RAM and CPU


French server or CDN


Your data is safe


24/7 surveillance


Block undesirable traffic

DDoS attacks

Our network is protected

WP Friendly

WordPress optimisation available


Security protocol included
Kim Communication’s promises


Truly invested team


Your peace of mind comes first


Please (do not) hold…

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    Our ID: kim-communication

    High availability server

    99,99%, our hosting solutions’ uptime!

    VERY high capacity server

    No RAM memory or CPU core issues.
    You can grow your capacity at will!

    If your site’s consumption seems abnormal, we can run a free diagnosis to isolate the cause.


    Our servers are located in France.
    We can also optimize your page to speed up loading time abroad.

    You can never be too careful!


    Two 24-hour-a-day, 7-days-a-week monitoring services

    We are notified if an anomaly is detected on the server.

    Two backup mechanisms

    Daily R1Soft and Amazon S3 backups.

    Two-layer firewall

    A strict firewall, to block any hacking attempts.
    An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure 😉

    Arbor anti-DDoS system

    We are equipped to block attacks aimed at overloading your server.

    200% optimised
    WordPress & WooCommerce

    Our team specializes in OpenSource technology. Thanks to this expertise, you have access to faster, higher-quality interventions.

    Assistance incluse

    We take care of everything

    No computer skills needed.
    Leave all the technical details to us!

    Assistance incluse

    You have the keys to the house

    You have full access to your hosting space,
    along with cPanel and its famous file management system.

    New client?

    We’d like to offer you FREE*

    Conversion of your site to HTTPS

    Numerous organizations like Google require the use of this protocol.

    Speed optimisation for WordPress

    Our premium pack, for instantaneous loading times.

    * limited-time offer subject to conditions

    When it comes to car maintenance, you leave your vehicle with a mechanic. You’d never dream of renting tools and doing the work yourself. Why should web hosting be any different? 😉

    Side-by-side comparison

    Renting server space from a wholesaler

    Don’t make the mistake of hosting yourself by renting server space directly.

    Their technical support will never meet your expectations.

    Entrusting our agency with your hosting needs

    Experience unparalleled ease in your online business.

    Entrust your hosting to a truly versatile, dedicated and responsive managed services company with expertise in information security and web performance.

    We are passionate about web hosting! 

    Focus on your core business and let us do the rest

    Want in on a little secret? We really pamper our hosting clients 😉

    Ready to sleep soundly at night?

    Hébergeur professionnel

    Let us show you why you need our solutions,

    just like dozens of other happy clients hosted and managed by Kim Communication.